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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can earn a % of the NET income of the platform or receive a fixed monthly payment, from $400 as a beginner up to $2500. The rates depend on the size of your account, your experience, and the amount of content you provide. Please contact us for an account proposal.
Upon acceptance of the proposal, our team will arrange an onboarding call with you to handle logistics, such as establishing communication with your account manager, establishing a content schedule, and clarifying any restrictions or limitations you may have.
All content rights stay with you. We do not own any content provided to us.
The account manager acts as a link between you and the rest of the Bunny’s Agency team. Depending on the size of your account, the team overseeing it may include multiple individuals. Your account manager will work with you on all aspects of the account, from conveying your requests to the rest of the team, fulfilling custom requests, responding to inquiries, and guiding your account toward success.
Minimum content will be discussed during onboarding. The more content you produce, the higher your sales will be. Content is one of the largest indicators of whether the account will become massively successful or plateau over time.
The primary responsibility of the creator is simply content creation. The BA team handles everything else on your behalf.
You will have a direct line of communication with your account manager via WhatsApp. The account manager will send you any custom requests from a fan. It will be your choice to accept or decline.
You will have access to your account manager via WhatsApp.
We understand that security is extremely important. We do not share access to your OnlyFans account with even your team. Once BA management receives your login information, we set up a VPS system so our team can log in and view your account without direct access. This ensures the safety of your account and prevents passwords from being exchanged.
One of the first steps of the application is specifying what content you are willing to do and what is off-limits. Your agreement with us will be based on this information.
Currently, our full management services are not available for faceless models.
No, OnlyFans is about home content. You may upload some professional photos, but most of the content should be amateur home content.

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